Collection: Play House

Step into a world of whimsy and wonder with Cozy Living Capitol's captivating collection of 2MamaBees Playhouses. Crafted with precision and care, each playhouse is a masterpiece of furniture-grade wood, finished with eco-friendly, non-toxic materials for your child's safety.

Imagination knows no bounds in the Ajure Playhouse, a cozy retreat designed to spark creativity and adventure. With its enchanting dimensions and charming design, this haven beckons little ones to explore and dream.

Seeking grandeur? Look no further than the Zahara Playhouse, a majestic sanctuary that towers above the rest. With its stately presence and spacious interior, it's the perfect setting for epic playtime adventures.

Dive deep into excitement with the Oceano Playhouse, an ocean-inspired oasis that transports children to imaginary shores. With ample room to roam and dream, this playhouse is a boundless source of joy and exploration.